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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farewell to Zaporizhzhya

Presenting the flag to the Lyceum

Yesterday was our last day in Zaporizhzhya.  We have made many friends and have had a wonderful time.  The warmth of the people and the way that they made us feel so special was something that I will never forget.  So, thanks to Lydia our wonderful host, her husband Sergie, the Zaporizhzhya Classical Lyceum staff , and the students who included us in their lives for our visit.

We had the honor of attending the end of year concert and award ceremony .  The talent of the students is amazing!  It is very evident that both the students and teachers have worked very hard.  There was dancing, singing, and instrumental music. 

Sara made a few remarks and presented a bouquet of balloon flowers.  I made a few remarks and presented the U.S. flag to the school.  It was a very special moment that I will always treasure.

After the concert, Sara and I boarded the overnight train to Kyiv.  It was bumby, loud, and ho,t so we didn't sleep very much.  I am back in the hotel in Kyiv.  It is 7:00 am and I have meetings from 11:00 to 6:00, dinner, and then we leave for the airport at 2:00 am.  So...no sleeping today or tonight!  Maybe I will sleep on the plane! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!  Goodbye Ukraine!!

Sara with her balloons, me, and Lydia

Students playing traditional instruments

A traditonal dance

The bandura


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  1. Glad you had a wonderful trip! Excited to hear all about it :) we missed you!